Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Arrivals: July 2012

More goodies we acquired this month include:
  • Steven Paul Martini  The Simeon Chamber. A Near Fine First Edition Book in a Near Fine Jacket. Steve Martini's extremely scarce first book.
  • John Camp  Fool's Run. A Very Good minus First Edition Book in a Good plus Jacket. John Sanford's quite scarce first fiction book.
  • Robin McKinley The Blue Sword A Very Good First Edition Book in a Very Good minus Jacket. Ms McKinley's Newbery Honor book, and first in the Damar series.
  • Richard Castle Heat Wave. A Fine First Edition in a Fine Dustjacket. Castle lives on ABC, and plays poker with James Patterson, the late Stephen Cannell, and Michael Connelly

Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's Hear It For the Lesbians !

Sometimes there are idiots who sell via the internet, but not on the usual book-search venues.  Don't ask - I have no idea how this one came up on one of my searches: 

Best Lesbian Erotica 1998
Tristan Taormino. USED in GOOD Condition. Paperback. 200 pgs (no rips, tears or missing pages). Released in January 1998 by Cleis Press $ 40.00

I was fascinated, so I checked the usual listing sites: ABE, Alibris, Biblio, and found the same book offered for sale with prices ranging from $ .99 to $10.00. After adding $4 .00 postage, it's still 25% - 88% cheaper to buy off the internet.

I've therefore resolved to sell all my $ 10.00 books for $ 40.00, and make sure that they're in good-only condition.


Friday, July 6, 2012

July Acquisitions

It's already been an excellent month for finding books that are worthy of being in our store, and more importantly, worthy of our customers.  Here's a sample:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Plaza Books - Off-Line and Now On-line

Our esteemed colleague Ann DeVere, owner, operator, and queen of Plaza Books - one of the top three bookstores in Las Vegas -  has sold books on-line through the better web-hosted book venues for many years in addition to selling them in her store. She now has added a full-time web site to her selling options. Check it out: Plaza Books

Our Friend Vin Would be Proud !

Doing some research this morning on a book that we bought, I came across this description from an on-line seller. See, they aren't all morons, and some do have standards: 

Monday, June 25, 2012

June Additions to Our Stock

We've found some interesting things this month.  All, of course, are First Edition, First Printings unless otherwise specified. They include:

Deke Castleman  Whale Hunt In The Desert  A Very Fine book in a Very Fine dustjacket. Inscribed by  Castleman and his ghost writer, with promotional materials laid in.

Hazel Rossotti  Fire: Technology, Symbolism, Ecology, Science, Hazard  A Very Fine book in a Very Fine dustjacket.

Harold Wilkins  Flying Saucers Uncensored. a Very Good book in a Good dustjacket.

George Will  The Leveling Wind  A Very Fine book in a Very Fine dustjacket. Inscribed by Will.

Joe Jeff Goldblatt  Special Events: The Art and Science of Celebrations. A Very Fine book in a Very Fine dustjacket. Inscribed and dated by Goldblatt.

Scott Turow  One L. A Very Good book in a Good, chipped dustjacket. Turow's first book.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Coffee & Tea With I.C.S.

As Barbara & I were having our early morning revitalizer today, she mentioned that the I.C.S. books we bought this week had an excellent suggestion: dust your windows before you wash them. Now, this may be obvious to many of you, but for us it was a revelation. Also, you may be asking what the hell are I.C.S. books. Aha ! Gotcha.